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Sex, Politics & Religion Talk #3 by Allison Troth; Matthew 5.27-30
Between 7 and 10pm the cafes and casual bars of Pat Pong Rd flip their signs to become massage parlours, cuddle bars, discos, spas... 60% of the girls working that 2km strip are under age... they are tricked and stolen and trafficked. Those young girls will service between 7 and 10 men a night. Yes, they are prostitutes, but not by choice. One could claim the Bible has a preoccupation with the sin of prostitutes - they are mentioned dozens of times. But it is the weight of sin itself which is the issue, and the community which surrounds that sin. So what else can we do? Don't turn away like I did.  As Christians, let's join in force against this sin to rescue the least and the lost.
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