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Messages and talks from St Catharine’s Caulfield South, Australia

January 27, 2019

Am I Too Sexy?

Sexual Power and Dignity in a Postmodern World

Presentation by Heather Cetrangolo given on 27 January 2019 at 'Such A Time as This'

I will hold my heart out and ask for love, without shame or fear, though there will be trembling. I will allow my beauty to be blinding as my Saviour's light, which shatters every attempt to sexualise or corrupt what has been dressed with strength and dignity. Like shards of glass from the ceiling that has cracked, as the tearing of the curtain that keeps separate, what is meant to meet, are attempts to blend that which was given from the beginning, with that which I know how to reserve for my husband; my 'maybe, one day, husband': and the space that I have sanctified to my Lord.

This talk explores from Genesis to today, how to understand the physical, emotional and spiritual ties we form, the place of sexual power and how to be free of being over-sexualised.

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